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where fashion meets passion

and the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives!

About MAD House

We are a vibrant and visionary team who are not only passionate about fashion but also dedicated entrepreneurs.

Owned and operated by a team of dynamic women, MAD House is the culmination of our shared love for fashion and our unwavering commitment to business excellence. With diverse backgrounds and a shared determination, we have come together to create a unique shopping destination that celebrates Serbian art, fashion, and creativity.

The very best of

Designers of Serbia

The finest selection of fashion designers which represent our regional heritage.



At MAD House, we curate the very best of designers that Serbia has to offer, and we do so with a keen eye for quality and a deep appreciation for the creative process.

Also, by supporting local artisans and emerging designers, we not only promote Serbian talent but also contribute to the growth of our vibrant fashion industry.

which reflects the passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of the creative minds behind each fashion brand. Every piece you discover here is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and empowering the fashion community.

Thank you for being a part of our story

and for supporting women entrepreneurs in the world of fashion.
Together, we are redefining style and setting new standards for success.

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