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Nestled in the business heart of Belgrade, MAD House finds its home in the iconic Sava Centar.

Our prime location within Sava Centar not only places us at the crossroads of fashion but also at the epicenter of global exchange and culture.

Sava Centar

is internationally renowned as a hub for global events, conventions, and conferences. Its state-of-the-art conference halls have hosted dignitaries, thought leaders, and innovators from around the world.


The dynamic atmosphere within these walls is an inspiration to us and a testament to the global influence of Belgrade. Now, as its newly renovated, we expect it grow even more.

At MAD House

we embrace the cosmopolitan spirit of Sava Centar.

Our store reflects the diversity and creativity that flow through these conference halls. We curate a collection that speaks to the tastes and preferences of our international visitors, understanding that fashion transcends borders and languages.

Join a Global Community of Style

Every day, our doors open to a global audience—individuals who converge at Sava Centar from all corners of the world. We take pride in welcoming attendees, speakers, and delegates from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for fashion. It’s in this multicultural exchange that we find inspiration, as it fuels our mission to promote Serbian art, fashion, and creativity on the global stage.

At MAD House, we invite you to become part of our global community of style.

Whether you’re attending an international conference, a cultural event, or simply exploring the rich tapestry of Sava Centar, we are here to enhance your experience. Discover fashion that transcends borders and join us in celebrating the artistic diversity that unites us all.

Come visit us at Sava Centar, where fashion meets the world, and let your style journey be a global adventure.