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Our Brands

Aleksandar Zabunović

Milica and Aleksandar Zabunović are the creative force behind the exclusive brand Aleksandar Zabunović. Founded in 2012, the brand is characterized by a feminine and elegant line, as well as the use of the finest fabrics and sophisticated cuts.

The Aleksandar Zabunović brand is synonymous with quality materials that are unique on the territory of Serbia and a refined form of fashion expression. All designed pieces are also available made to measure, as the main principle of the brand’s work is respect for individuality of each client. When you feel upon your skin the respect that brand Aleksandar Zabunović offers to the process of creating and using its premium materials, you will fully understand the value that is woven into every thread of their fashion delicacies.



I’m Ana, I stand behind the Areve brand, and this is my story.

I just couldn’t find what I needed – comfortable to sleep in, practical to wear, but at the same time something that would make me feel beautiful in any mood and environment.

I am a big lover of fashion and I wanted that to be seen through the design. A good selection of materials was one of the challenges. They must be airy and pleasant, and easy to maintain.

I hope that our team succeeded in this and that you will enjoy the Areve collections.

AVVA Couture

AVVA Couture is a brand backed by two modern and successful young mothers Andrea and Vanja, who have been uncompromisingly dedicated to quality and precise handmade leather accessories from the foundation of the brand. AVVA Couture waist belts are worn by all generations as a refreshment in the outfit or a fashion piece that perfectly accentuates a feminine figure.

The brand is proud of the perfectionism which is implemented in all segments of their work: from authentic design, premium leather materials available in a large color palette, the highest quality of hand made craftsmanship, precise measures to personalize belts and perfectly fit into the outfit of clients, to the most important element on which they insist without exception: satisfaction on the face of their clients that give life to their fashion piece. At MAD House, AVVA Couture is exclusively available on-site shopping, online order or custom made to measure order.


Baragoni is powered by the relentless energy and unchained imaginativeness of two sisters, Jelena and Jovana. Driven by their quest for creativity, they channel their affection for beauty and style into something every woman instantly falls in love with: a premium brand of dashing handbags which combines the finest hand craftsmanship and top quality Italian leather. A brand truly made by women, for women, with utmost love and pure affection.


Baragoni was made for the spotlight. It constantly beckons, striving to hypnotize and captivate every single pair of eyes in the room. Its allure and style monopolize attention and steer conversations. Each one of our creations offers amazing quality married to a perennially fresh design. Baragoni is the perfect partner for every woman who’s not afraid to dream big, bold and beautiful dreams of style and elegance and then watch them come true.


We believe that every handbag we produce is a work of art, just waiting for its rightful owner to come and claim her collection’s new centerpiece. Every bond we forge between our beautiful pieces and our clients is destined to last for decades. We hold nothing back when practicing our craft and we expect the same of you. Be audacious. Be adventurous. Dare to indulge yourself. Explore the artistry of Baragoni and find your ideal companion for every moment when you want to feel precious.

Bebbelle Artisans

Bebbelle is a small, private and independent family-owned fashion business. They find inspiration in motifs that symbolize timeless and universal values and qualities. Among true fashion connoisseurs, Bebbelle products are recognized and appreciated for their outstanding characteristics: specific gloss, color intensity and softness of their silk. The design made by local artists is being transformed into reality thanks to Italian weaving and printing experts, based in the “city of silk”, in the famous city of Como, famous for the production of the finest fabrics.

Traditional techniques with innovative use of state-of-the-art technologies enable printing of exceptional quality, longevity and durability of colors, produced according to the highest environmental standards of the textile industry. After the preparation of the silk, printing, color fixing, rinsing and drying, it’s time for finishing – manual embossing of scarves for which only 100% pure silk thread is used.

Formidable by Mina

The basic features of the Formidable brand are freedom, elegance and boldness! The brand aims to inspire and support women to make an unforgettable impression.

Sophisticated models are timeless, because they can be combined with pieces of clothing and accessories from all fashion trends and eras. The brand is liberating and giving a woman the opportunity to express herself in a way that is most acceptable to her.

Helena Scrittore

Helena Scrittore Brand was founded by designer Jelena Buha in 2016. The brand is focused on a business woman and all her segments of life. In addition to the base program of business suits, the brand also makes timeless overalls and sophisticated evening dresses, skirts and corsets. In addition to the size range from 36 to 44, it is possible to order custom-made made to measure piece, with a production period of 7 to 10 working days.

The materials used are exclusively of high quality: wool, wool-cashmere, raw silk, viscous brocade, American satin, and it is especially noteworthy that the linings are also made of natural materials. In 2021, the brand took the award for the best women’s collection for the ‘Be Irreplaceable’ collection, and the next collection titled ‘Bossy’ is a step forward in terms of quality of workmanship, materials and sophisticated effect.

Cosmic Babe

The COSMIC BABE design is inspired by planets, humans, galaxies, societies, space travel and inexhaustible cosmic vibrations. The brand’s mission is to provide comfortable, original and modern clothes made from the best materials our Universe has to offer.

The original Cosmic Babe and founder of this ‘space mission’ is Ana Tabor, and the brand without discrimination equally ‘launches’ male, female and unisex clothing line. The basic postulate of the brand is that each piece must be comfortable, in order to make traveling through the space as exciting and enjoyable as possible. Everything in the galaxy of this brand is handmade, the inside labels are carefully positioned as to avoid itching, and only the best cotton with a pinch of other materials is used to enhance the wearing experience. Trust us, you can feel it as soon as you touch COSMIC BABE clothes.

Gary Tulip

Gary Tulip is a brand created with the desire to provide subtle style and indisputable comfort to men who simply want to be themselves. No pretensions, no false sense of class, no kitsch, and trying to stand out with cheap tricks. Don’t let that fool you, Gary Tulip is for men who really want to stand out. But no, not through a superficial impression. Instead, they would do it through the way they shake hands, their humor, their energy, and by always keeping of their word.

Clothes are there to be comfortable, to allow your authentic self to express itself. For everything else, your character should suffice, if you are a legend worthy of this brand.

Ines Janković

After completing education for fashion and interior design, Ines Janković first worked in the field of home decor. In 2012 she decided to dive into the world of fashion design and founded the brand Ines Atelier. Although captivated by the fashion world, she is also inspired by other forms of art, such as sculptures, paintings, buildings, sounds…

Minimalistic approach is in the core of Ines’s designs, and while creating new pieces, she always keeps in mind the contemporary pace of life and the everyday needs and wishes of real women. In her Ready to Wear collection, the philosophy of the brand of timeless classics is clearly visible, enriched with original materials and unique design expression.

Dajana Vasic

Diana Vasic’s brand is a dream come true for those who appreciate finer things in life. Founded by visionary designer Dajana Vasic, the atelier who is synonymous with timeless sophistication, impeccable tailoring and dedication to redefining the boundaries of contemporary luxury.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and imbued with an unmistakable blend of artistry and innovation. From exquisitely tailored garments to statement accessories, each creation is designed to empower and inspire, effortlessly blending classic elegance with a modern sensibility.
Dajana Vasic’s mission is simple but profound: to decorate the world with creations that not only capture the eye but also touch the soul. Whether a couture gown for a red carpet affair or an everyday essential that elevates the ordinary to extraordinary, each piece is imbued with the essence of timeless elegance and effortless sophistication.

Gia Design

GIA Design is characterized by minimalism, clean lines, basic colors, quality fabrics and focus on sustainability.

The production is based on organic materials, sustainability at all stages of doing business and circular economy. They have a certificate that guarantees ethical production. From a wide range of products you can choose models for women, men, children and even pets!

Because we all participate in the circular economy.

Kety Wish

Kety Wish made do measure dresses and wedding dresses

DD Design

DD DESIGN is a fashion brand that was born from the cooperation and friendship of two Danijelas – Danijela Stojkovski, a specialist professional textile engineer, and Danijela Gojkovic, a graduated textile engineer for design and projecting of textiles and clothing.

From design, construction preparation to teaching the textile profession, our love for creating clothes has been going on for more than a decade. In the DD DESIGN atelier, creativity and innovation merge into a unique world of fashion, offering unique models of limited series made with care and love, which provide top quality and comfort.
In the DD DESIGN atelier, pieces of clothing are created as works of applied art and craftsmanship. DD DESIGN unites the tradition of handmade and old crafts on the one hand and innovative methods of construction and production of garments on the other.
When expertise, creativity and attention to detail are combined, a symphony of uniqueness, quality and comfort is created. DD DESIGN carefully selects materials with excellent raw material composition and cuts that flatter your figure.
An individual approach and respect for your wishes and affinities make their clothes meet high aesthetic standards, as well as the need for casualness, which is an imperative of the modern lifestyle.

Hanna Balu

Behind the brand ‘Hanna Balu’ stands a strong and fearless lady, designer Snežana Babarogić. The brand has an aesthetic, playful and unconventional nature, but at the same time exudes functionality, distinct quality and precise craftsmanship. The brand’s mission is to make the women who wear it feel relieved free, motivated and special.

Hanna Balu brings a new level of quality of the making and materials themselves, bearing in mind that the whole team is extremely focused on details, which is why the material processing itself is at the highest level. The brand is recognizable by its relaxed form and movement-accompanying cuts, and you can easily recognize models by fringes, falts and relaxed silhouettes that emphasize movement. The designer’s goal was to create models that can be worn on all occasions, equally effectively fitted with high heels, ballet shoes and flip-flops

KLIN By Kristina Bekvalac

Kristina Bekvalac is a fashion designer and stylist with many years of experience. She showed interest in fashion in early childhood years and turned her passion into a vocation already in her early twenties. She showed her creativity and specific fashion expression through styling by creating countless editorials, covers, TV commercials, videos, fashion shows, films and series, working with prominent brands and personalities from all spheres of regional public life. So far, she has presented seven designer collections, each celebrating feminine strength, individuality, diversity and freedom, which makes her work recognizable.

Behind the name of the KLIN collection (translation: WEDGDE) hides the incredible symbolism of the circle, at the same time the idea and inspiration of the collection. Just as a circle has no beginning, end, corners and sides, so the collection strives for wholeness and unity. Inspired by the circle as the perfect shape, the perfection of the model lies in simplicity as the highest level of sophistication. A woman who wears models feels powerful, uninhibited, comfortable and free. She is connected to her femininity, to her strength, she is herself and she knows her truth.


Behind this brand is designer Aleksandra Čupković, whose design is primarily reflected in imperishable elegance, precise cuts and timeless neutral tones. L’Amour always keeps up with the times and follows fashion trends, and gives clients the opportunity to feel glamorous, feminine and confident.

The new collection draws inspiration from classical music, and in some ways orchestrates perfect forms and textures in combination with the finest selected materials. It is intended for all women who want to demonstrate empowered energy and power through carefully selected silhouettes and cuts with their clothes. In addition to standard sizes, the designer also provides the possibility of making models made to measure.


If you have been browsing the streets of our region or social networks, you surely noticed the unusual espadrilles that local girls adore. Emilija Katic, the designer behind the Serbian brand “M-ishka”, created the perfect pair of summer shoes, which has become synonymous with this brand, inspired by nostalgia for past times and her childhood in which she wore espadrilles. However, M-ishka is much more than those perfect espadrilles.

The brand is inspired by the spirit of travel, enjoying the “little” things, as well as the beauty of everyday life. M-ishka is characterized by lightweight, comfortable and original pieces of women’s handbags, slippers, clogs and espadrilles, and the design is moderate and subtle. Each piece has specially designed details and such treatment gives it a breath of grace. During production, only natural materials are used thus closing the ecological circle and minimizing the violation of the balance in nature.

Nina Karlavaris boots

Nina Karlavaris boots


The fashion brand of the new generation UJEBOTTE successfully implements the two basic fashion requirements of every modern women: comfort and authenticity. Designer Anja Milovanović leads a new wave of designers that put the practical and democratic aspect of fashion first, because UJEBOTTE is a brand that wants to be accessible to everyone and does not address the ‘chosen ones’, but it is UJEBOTTE who was chosen by clients thanks to its originality in fashion expression and quality of materials and workmanship.

A handmade work, which is the pride and character of this brand, limits the number of pieces, but does not set geographical boundaries, bearing in mind that this domestic brand is very popular throughout the region and Europe due to its modern expression and the empowerment of its clients to emphasize their spirit and their essence.

Lalica / Aleksandra Lalić

Aleksandra Lalić is a Serbian fashion designer originally from Sombor, who has been producing her clothing line since 2002 under the original and charming brand LalicA, relying on structural tailoring, the highest quality materials and the power of precise craftsmanship. LalicA is a brand intended for authentic and artistically conscious women, who emphasize their femininity without vulgarity. The brand is characterized by pieces that are created and hand made with perfectionism of the highest standard of tailor’s craft, and the design represents a liberation of the spirit from consumerism and lower quality clothing usually made in large series on industrial scale’.

LalicA is a brand whose synonyms are uncompromising ideals, courage and humor in an elegant form.

Moj Krojač

MojKrojac is a specialized company for the production of high-quality pieces of clothing tailored made to measure for their clients. In addition to the diverse offer of shirts that are made for both women and men, MojKrojac also produces impeccable men’s suits and blazers that can be adapted to the measures of clients, as well as the entire accessory necessary for the full styling of men.

In cooperation with the MAD House team, it is possible to order and take measures in the store, experience a personalized shopping approach and a high degree of commitment to the quality and requirements of clients, with short deadlines for the manufactory and delivery.

Nina Karlavaris swimsuits

Nina Karlavaris swimsuits


The young married couple behind this brand is charming and dashing just like the design of their handbags. Made entirely by hand, made of the highest quality wood and leather, UNIKKA handbags have won the hearts of all generations.

Handbag models that stand out for a variety of natural tones and being designed in very original forms, attract the attention of clients who appreciate the handiwork craftmanship, originality and sophistication of nature in its most noble form.


LUSSO CHIC is a brand that celebrates femininity through fantastic cuts of their recognizable sets. The greatest emphasis is on a wide range of diverse quality material delivered to you in various shades – from business navy and gray, through earth tones to interesting and vivid prints. With the right mixture of casualness and comfort, these sets easily turn from daytime business combinations into evening pieces, depending on the choice of accessories.

Thanks to its extremely rich and diverse offer, LUSSO is the leader in the ready-to-wear brand segment in Serbia. Sets are made in standard sizes S, M, L, while there is also possibility to order custom-made made to measure pieces, which are usually made in an extremely short period of 3 days. As an additional expression, designer Ivona skillfully fits both dresses and overalls as an occasional refreshment of the offer.

Mulberry field

Mulberry field is a Serbian brand synonymous with luxury clothing. The main motive is a passion for the production of top quality clothing with refined details. They appeal to cosmopolitan women, who are in constant motion from gala dinners to business meetings and leisure time. For women who choose functional and comfortable elegance.


NINAMILÁN studio is a fashion concept under the creative leadership of Nina Milovic, which represents the voice of authenticity and freedom, emphasizing femininity in a modern but casual way.
The collections are full of powerful colors with striking contrasting details, encouraging boldness and pushing boundaries. Colors can contribute much more to your style and can also additionally highlight the specifics of someone’s personality, as well as energy, because as they say “a suit does not make a man, but it says a lot about him”.
Unisex suits that show the power of fluidity, and a strong red line motif accompanied by effective accents and the NINAMILAN monogram, gave structure to abstract designs and erased the boundaries between genders, conjuring up the possibilities that daydreaming and imagination give.
The shape of the suit is inspired by menswear oversized pieces. Each model is adapted to the curves of the female body, as well as different bodies, so that every woman feels comfortable


Knitting has long been a casual job in the moments of leisure for previous generations, but thanks to one elderly lady named Stanimirka – Caja Golubović, it grew into the main activity of the Golubović family in the late 60s. Over the years, her small handicrafts of wool have become a symbol of the Zlatibor region, her ‘golden’ hands have become more skilled and ideas more diverse.

Today, the entire Golubović family, led by a wonderful new lady chief Branka, is involved in the production of these exclusive handicrafts, starting from idea to realization. The design is varied, so there are modern expressions, but also motifs from Stanimirka’s first works that the family still proudly applies to some of the models. The small Zlatibor village of Skržuti is a typical place for this region, with a pronounced orientation towards old crafts, jobs and hand made artistry. For decades, knitting has been the main activity for which this region is known around the world. Positive reactions from clients who respect quality, tradition and handcrafted fashion as a form of art give excellent incentive to maintain this old craft alive.


MAG leather bags

NP by Nemanja Pantelić

This young and original artist started his career as a stylist and employed creator for domestic fashion houses. In 2016, he became independent and launched his line NP – Nemanja Pantelić. There are already 12 collections under his belt.

The designer’s style is to combine with his authorial work sport style, street style and uniqueness of his clothes with a complex cut and craftsmanship. The emphasis is on geometric forms, both in cut, as well as in designs and applications. Constant inspiration to Nemanja Pantelić are elements of traditional clothing of the Far East, the influence of design by Japanese designers, futurism and the application of various textures of fabrics as an indispensable component in his work. The materials are natural, and all models are handmade and very unique and original in their beauty.
As the designer himself says, the typical client of this brand does not want to be lost in the crowd, but to emphasize his individuality with his wardrobe.

Tijana Žunić

Tijana Žunić grew up in an artistic family and graduated from art school herself. She approaches the design process in a very modern way and likes to emphasize the feminine side of clients through her creations. Tijana designs for a modern, elegant, sophisticated woman who wants to express her unique personal style.

Most importantly, Tijana does not agree to compromises related to materials and double checks each seam with a critical eye in order to deliver the perfect statement piece of clothing for her clients, in which they will feel confident and free. Tijana has been at the very top of the domestic design scene for years, but she modestly says that she is only at the beginning and her best creations are yet to be seen and worn by us.

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